Hello! Welcome to my healing practice, Sutra Body + Soul. I’m Lindsay Hopkins and I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator and Thai Bodywork Practitioner. I approach my healing practice with both an intuitive and clinical lens and provide an interdisciplinary approach to healing. I have additional training in the Akashic Records as well as years of training in somatic movement and dance, body centered meditation practices and yoga. I merge all of this wisdom with my experiences working in community development and arts education and have a trauma-informed practice.

These modalities create an environment for increased circulation and energy flow in order to release old patterns both physically and emotionally. This healing work helps bring consciousness back into the body, aiding the receiver on their journey to wholeness. Sessions bring awareness to and alchemize: reoccuring stress patterns, trauma, difficult memories and experiences, inherited and ancestral trauma and physical illness stored in the body and energy field.  

I look at the body, mind and spirit as a whole system. I believe the answers are always inside of us. Together we peel back layers of emotional and physical imprints, trauma and stored memories to get to them.

“I have been a student/practitioner of the holistic arts for 20 years. I’ve gone to Lindsay not only for Reiki healing but also for Reiki Master training. Lindsay is the first person that I truly connected with as a healer and teacher. Her way with words and the energy she possesses is interdimensional and magical. She has a gift that I continue to see her nurture as a healer, educator, and artist (so inspiring!). Lindsay’s empathic, ancient and relevant approach has broken through areas in my soul that I have been working at for years. Highly recommended both as a healer and teacher. I am so blessed that our paths have crossed.”

Suzy G.

“I didn’t even know this type of well-rounded, fully integrated healing work existed. I went to Lindsay rather blindly after I told a friend I had an intense prolonged feeling of sadness that I couldn’t shake off. During our first session Lindsay took the lead and intuitively worked with me to help release tears that have needed to come out for years. The space she created felt so safe I just opened up and talked about many past traumatic experiences. I left there knowing I had finally found something that reached deeper than when I would sit and talk with a therapist. Since seeing Lindsay I have felt more grounded and connected to myself. I have already seen a shift in changing damaging habits, and I feel more at peace with regrets and experiences from the past. She was also able to help physical pain I had been carrying in my back over a remote session. After a month of trying to get rid of it on my own I felt 100% better two days after our session. I am so thankful I was introduced to her and hope to continue working with her as she continues to ever expand her own growth, knowledge, and approaches for healing.”

Elaine M.