Why learn Reiki?

Because it’s important to have tools in your tool kit.

When our access to insurance (ie security + health) is directly linked to our job or income it creates a co-dependency of our bodies on a social structure that is inherently failed.

This can make us feel that our bodies are not really our own.

We don’t trust that we’ll be taken care of if something happens. We might attach ourselves to a job we don’t really love in order to have “resources” at our disposal. And we walk around feeling like our bodies, our emotions, even our pasts are a liability.

When we feel like we’re our own liability we’re more likely to give our power away.

To doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors. Even our parents or partners. Anyone we perceive as smarter then us will do. It’s so easy to give others the power to “fix” us. To know better then what we know ourselves. On my own healing journey I had so many gut instincts I didn’t listen to because I thought someone else knew more.

We don’t realize that we’ve subconsciously started to feel resentful of the very suits that hold our consciousness. We need these suits to allow us to access this physical realm. Our bodies are necessary but our lack of access to taking care of them can create a confusing relationship between mind and body and this can hold us back from evolving. From realizing that we can learn how to heal ourselves. From learning to trust.

And ultimately has kept us from helping to take care of each other in interdependent systems that could be based on mutual support and care.

I speak to this because of my own healing journey. I’ve had two periods in my life I’ve had to go without health insurance. One was during a period of time I was the sickest I’ve ever been. I had Hashimotos, an autoimmune disorder that affects the function of the Thyroid. I had already started on the journey towards healing myself when I got the diagnoses and this helped me feel more empowered to learn how to heal the root cause of the disease. Perhaps the difficulty of having to go “without” (resources, insurance etc) was ultimately a gift.  

I first found Reiki a few months before I learned I had Hashimotos, an autoimmune disorder.

And over time Reiki has rebirthed me. It’s amazing how painful rebirth can be. Birth is beautiful but it also takes an incredible amount of effort. I did Levels I + II in the same day! I remember feeling like I thought my entire body and brain were going to explode into something else. It changed everything. Sometimes the changes were slow, almost imperceptible. Other times I felt shifts and changes in rushes of movement and emotion so big I thought they’d swallow me whole. But it’s because I was allowing the energy to shift me.

I remember laying down on the floor of my bedroom, putting crystals on my chakras and thinking WHAT am I doing?

I’d not been into crystals before and suddenly I owned a whole set of them. It felt like I had no other choice. The clouds looked different. My relationship to the natural world was changing. What was happening was that I was purging my old reality to make space for a new one. 

And the process is never ending. With each attunement I went deeper into myself uncovering layer after layer of new information. 

Reiki teaches me to listen. Deeply. To become a guide for myself. It teaches me to follow my instincts. To do what my body is asking for. To tap into what I feel as important information.


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