Under Construction

I think we’re always in a state of being under construction. There are always things moving and shifting underneath our surface, but I think there are particular moments in time when there’s heavy construction work that needs to happen.

Too many potholes = leaks in our energy field

The barrels come out. Traffic has to change direction. There’s a detour that must be taken so a road can be completely rebuilt. Sometimes we even have to tear down a wall in order to build a bridge. Time spent under construction can be profound. Time spent between construction zones are opportunities for us to try out what’s shifted, which is lovely, but it’s the construction site itself where we find inner gold.  

I’ve spent so long being split between identities. Artist. Educator. Healer. I had to start preparing myself for (re)construction when I noticed the effects that trying to maintain all of these identities as separate pieces of myself was having on my nervous system. I found myself at a crossroads torn between them, because I was inefficiently trying to do it all at once. These identities finally stepped forward begging me to restructure their function and integrate them together into one whole identity.

When something is too much, even if we love it, we have to step back and find equilibrium or face burn-out and passion fatigue.

(passion fatigue = loving the things you do so much and wanting it all, to the point of disliking everything you’re doing)

Phases of construction create pathways to realign. True moments of re-integration help us leap forward to the next big steps and stages in our lives to build new roads forward.

Whenever something isn’t working, it’s because it fell out of its natural rhythm. It doesn’t mean you have to abandon something completely (though at times that can be necessary) but the not working is a sign that the alignment is off and you need to find a different perception or angle of understanding.

This kind of construction can be a slow process, one that has to unfold. A process of Gather. Release. Reassess. Reassemble. Restructure. In order to clear out old ways ways to make room for the integration of new and more efficient ways of being and doing.

We use energy healing to help bring the nervous system into its natural alignment. It’s about bringing our relationship to order AND to chaos into balance.

Art imitates life. Because life is the art. We are the creators.

We’re constantly performing ourselves, and as our identity shifts we become newer versions of ourselves each time we allow evolution.

When we put ourselves at the center of all of our activity we begin a process of coming back to ourselves. We do this over and over again, each time shedding old skins holding us back to make room for deeper parts of ourselves to step forward. This is the art of being. From this place we can bring joy and creativity to the process of becoming. This process is a creative one and a healing one. The energy that can shift when we allow construction its way with us will lead us to open new doorways that we can enter with wholeness and a deeply felt sense of who we are.

In the moments between what once was and what wants to become, we can sync back into our heartbeat and find the connection to self that exists outside of what we “DO” in the world. Here we find our natural rhythm.   

Here are some fun exercises/reflections to give a try….

Notice where you are at on the spectrum between fight or flight and rest + digest in your nervous system.

Draw it. One side is fight or flight, the other rest + digest. Where do you land? You can consider this by thinking on your stress levels, tension in your body, ability and time to sleep through the night for 7-8 hours, thought habits, eating habits. Do you make time during each week to stop and relax? How far off are you from where you want to be on the line?

Our continual task in the modern industrial world is to recognize when we’re too far towards the fight or flight end of the spectrum. It’s our task to realize when it’s happening and it’s OUR responsibility to change it. Nothing outside of us will change this unless we are courageous enough to do it ourselves. And sometimes all we have to do is ask the part of us with a higher knowing and the answers will start showing themselves to us.

Take 10 minutes to come back to center.  

Start by closing your eyes and let yourself drop into the chair or bed. Let it hold you. On each in-breath bring in more energy and oxygen to expand your energy and on each out breath let yourself surrender to yourself and whatever’s holding you up. Continue to find a rhythm with this breath.

In this place allow yourself some time to think about what ways you are under construction. Small as they may be. What are you working on or towards right now? What needs to break apart (before coming back together) in order for you to move forward? What needs re-arranging so that life might be more efficient and flow better. What needs to disintegrate in order for you to integrate?

To bring our way to wholeness we have to consider for ourselves….

How can you simplify? How can you connect seemingly separate parts of yourself? Can you find a common thread? Allow that thread to show you the path towards integration. To combine the boxes you live in. To connect the roles you play. So that your life might need a little less doing and little more being who it is that you already are!

It is from this grounded place that the best decisions are made, where courage is gathered up and clarity comes flooding forward.


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