Book a Healing Session

Sessions can include: Reiki energy healing, Breathwork, Chakra balancing, Bodywork, guided meditation, grounding support for empaths and highly sensitives, and intuitive mentoring.

Sessions are focused on down regulating the nervous system to bring you back into your body and your energy field so that you can come home to yourself. The work has a powerful clearing and stabilizing effect.

These sessions address: physical/chronic pain, emotional and physical trauma/s and the release of old patterns and habits getting in the way of optimal health. The work happens on a cellular level and also addresses ancestral healing. I work with the body’s chakra system to address needs. Virtual sessions are guided over the phone, Zoom or FaceTime.

Sessions must be scheduled and completed within 90 days of purchase.

* All sessions are currently only offered remotely via zoom or phone.

**reduced rate healing sessions also available, please see below

60 minute session $88

90 minute session $122

Reiki connects the body and its energy field to universal source energy. This healing practice raises the vibration of the body, clearing energy pathways to allow life force to flow more naturally. It addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances and harmonizes body, mind and spirit. 

By releasing dense energy that creates disease and chronic conditions it detoxes the body at a cellular level. It can relieve physical pain and tension, release trauma, uncover root causes of chronic issues, strengthen the immune system, support the nervous system, balance energy levels, shift old patterns in the way of well being, improve mental clarity, deepen intuition, and improve sleep. 

Breathwork (more here) opens up access to our subconscious, supporting us to free ourselves from mental, emotional and social conditioning that can keep us limited in our lives. This 2-stage Pranayama style breathwork (done lying down) creates more space in the tissues and circulates stuck emotional energy, while opening a direct line to clarity, intuition and creative instincts. 

Our history, our lived experiences and our ancestors, gets embedded in our cells and can trap us in old cycles until we release them. Making a conscious choice to work with our emotions through breathwork somatically releases layers of stuck pain patterns in the body. Both physically and emotionally.

Bodywork comes from a Thai tradition may include stretching and trigger point therapy for the maximum benefits to the recipient, which include trigger point release, creating pathways for better circulation, and immune system boosts.

In-person sessions take place in person on a massage table (when I am in Chicago). Clients should wear comfortable clothing. Sessions are done via phone or zoom for long distance work. Some sessions require access to a webcam and clients will be sent a link via Zoom for online sessions 24 hours before your appointment time.

Referrals are much appreciated! Send someone my way and receive $15 off your next session. Just send interested friends and family my email and have them mention your name! 

Sessions can be rescheduled for a future date or canceled if 24 hour advanced notice is given by email or phone. If you are unable to give 24 hours advance notice you will be charged the full session fee. All pre-paid sessions, packages and events are non-refundable.  Packages with remaining sessions may be transferred to someone else to be used. They will be accepted within 6 months of the package purchase. If the client decides not to schedule the remaining sessions it is not refundable.

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at and I will be in touch within 48 hrs. 

Reduced rate healing sessions on a sliding scale are available! I offer a handful of these sessions each month. When booking your appointment please let me know your interest in a reduced rate session. These sessions are for anyone who is need of healing work but has limited income. It is my hope to make sure those who are in need have access to this work. Please note 90 minute sessions are not available on a sliding scale.

60 minute session scale from $68 – 88

45 minute session scale from $48 – 68 (only available if you’ve previously had a full session with me)

A basic frame for knowing if this kind of session is right for you:
Income between 12-24k per year and have little expendable resources, find yourself in an underpaying job or having a difficult time finding work, are a student with debt that puts a strain on your budget, or you have stress about making payments on basic needs such as shelter or groceries.