Reiki 101

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life-Force Energy”. The proper Japanese pronunciation is RYE-KEY, and it has been westernised to RAY-KEY.

Rei – means universal, omnipresent – present everywhere at the same time. Esoterically Rei means spiritual consciousness, the omniscient wisdom from Source/Universe or the higher self.

Ki (the same word as Chi or Qi) – is the non physical vitality that gives life to all living things. Many cultures understand and recognize the importance of Ki energy and how it impacts our lives and well-being.

Our health is more than just physical, it is energetic as well. We have a physical body as well as a subtle energetic body. When your Ki energy is low because of stress, trauma, loss or environmental toxins or because you are healing from a physical injury you become more susceptible to disease and sickness. 

This non physical energy gives life to every living organism. For many thousands of years we have known of this energy and have sought to develop ways to harness its power to heal and influence our lives. The Japanese call this energy Ki, it’s known as Chi by the Chinese, Prana by a number of Asian cultures and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost by most of the western world.

Ki energy can be activated for the purpose of healing. When you feel healthy and full of enthusiasm, the flow of Ki energy in your body is high and unencumbered. Life is easier to deal with and you have a higher resistance to illness and disease. 

Reiki is a system for channeling that energy to yourself or someone else for the purpose of healing.

Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances as well as helps harmonize the body, mind and spirit for anyone you administer Reiki on. 

Reiki is the gift of vitality and self preservation encoded into the genetic makeup of everything. It is the higher self’s connection to the universal energy that breathes life into all living things. We are all born with the omniscient wisdom to heal and preserve life and with a knowing that all living things are connected.

We carry this energy in and around our bodies from the moment we are conceived. Science has established its existence, and with the aid of Kirlian photography we are able to see this energy that encompasses all living things.

Many successful disciplines such as Reiki, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Meditation, Yoga and Acupuncture have been developed to work with and greatly enhance the flow of this energy in and around the body. The energy itself is pure and has omniscient wisdom.

It is a form of hands on healing, with its origins in India and the East dating back many thousands of years to the time before Christ and Buddha. The original name, disciplines and techniques of Reiki were lost due to the traditional method of passing knowledge from generation to generation by word of mouth. Exactly when this ancient art of healing disappeared is difficult to determine. However, we do know that it was rediscovered by a Japanese Scholar and monk name Dr Mikao Usui. It was Dr Usui who gave it the name REIKI.

Although Reiki energy is spiritual in nature, there is no need to change any religious or spiritual beliefs one may have in order to practice Reiki. All you need is the desire and the discipline to connect to the energy with a sincere wish to grow and expand.

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