working with liminal space :: a guided ritual


Ritual reminds us to pay attention to magic and make space for it to happen. Showing up to ritual with yourself (or a few good friends!) can help create a bridge for you to connect with the intangible.

This guided ritual will support you in developing a relationship with the liminal realms, reminding you of your ability and capacity to connect to other realms of consciousness. You’ll tap into and honor what typically goes unseen so that you can release and reclaim energy.

Reclaim: energy that you may have left behind in relationships or lost during events in the past that were difficult to experience. It will assist you in calling your power and your magic back home to your body and energy field. You’ll be guided to work with calling in universal source energy to plant seeds of intention to call in a future you can call your own.

Release: old patterns, habits and states of being that are no longer helpful in your evolution. Release and heal ancestral memory. You’ll work with the concept of ghosts and heal past wounds stuck in the body and the energy field.

This guided ritual is an energy healing and includes guided meditation.

full video recording (35 min), recorded audio mp3 (32 min) – walking you through each phase of the ritual to do on your own or with friends
2 page PDF guide outlining what you’ll need to make it successful

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