Heal Yourself: an alchemical journey

This 7 week journey is a deep dive into your core. Your DNA. Your shadows. Your lineages.

Ultimately it’s a dive into your magic – the wisdom within you held by the gatekeepers of your heart.

When we let the dark and the difficult of our lives become an initiation, we can reclaim what we’ve struggled with and let it become our medicine. And by doing so we can reclaim our relationship to our body and our energy field.

During this group healing journey we’ll travel through the inner realms with breathwork, guided energy healing, writing exercises, and ritual. It is a trauma informed healing container created to support like minded souls to experience a community healing process.

There will be a strong focus on nervous system support, setting energetic boundaries, releasing contracted states and old patterns from the energy field, body, mind and soul.

Together we’ll uncover all that makes us who we are: the shadows, the ancestral stories, the past relationships, the inner child wounds, the chronic conditions and the energetic sensitivities. Yes, this is for you empaths! To find healing from illness, heartbreak, injury and trauma.


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This 7 week healing course will include:

4 live group support calls with breathwork, energy healing through ritual and guided meditation, writing exercises and group sharing (recordings will be sent for those who can’t make it live – each call is 2 hrs + 15 min)

Self-study practices, self-care tools + supportive communication will be shared weekly in a private portal for those who have gathered together on this journey

*optional add-on: a 60 minute individual mentoring + healing session

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Healing Journey Cost: $175
Or Payment Plan of $60/month for 3 months

With 60 minute individual mentoring + healing session: $255
Or Payment Plan of $85/month for 3 months
Begin your journey as soon as you sign-up by exploring materials in the private portal! Upon purchase you will be sent a PDF with all the details.



Heal Yourself

HY journey group only $175, HY journey w/ individual session $255, HY journey payment plan $60/month x 3, HY payment plan w/ individual session $85/month x 3


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