Group Breathwork November 1

$15.00 $25.00

>>> in the shadows we find the light <<<

9am pst / 11am cst / 12pm est / 5pm UK / 6pm Sweden

“And this is how you rise; further up is further in. And the darkness is where the light has always been.” Meggan Waterson (Mary Magdalene Revealed)

1 part shadow work.
1 part ancestral healing.
1 part community grief ritual.
5 parts light expansion and activation.

This is a powerful weekend, with a Full Moon on Samhain followed by the Day of the Dead.

We’ll let the portal that is the energy of this time of year escort us beyond the veils into all that’s hiding in the shadows and breathe together in order to bring light into the darkness. We’ll call on the support of our healthy ancestors. Through the breath we’ll release any grief hiding in the shadows, and in doing so create space in our bodies to hold more light, more resilience, more hope.

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More about Breathwork:
If at any point in life we didn’t feel safe enough to move through our emotions, they became trapped in our body. Imprinted on the muscles and the nervous system (much like the brain retains memories). This active healing process provides an opportunity to reprogram the subconscious, transforming any hold the past may have on us.

It creates more space in the body and releases stuck emotional energy, while opening a direct line to clarity, intuition and creative instincts.

As always with breathwork we each have our own unique journey to tend to but we can tend in community with the breath. Every time we’re willing to listen to what our bodies and souls are feeling and asking for, we expand who we are.

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