finding our medicine in the unknown


This guided Reiki practice + ritual supports you in drawing in new light to bring support to the nervous system and hold space for any pain that you may be sitting with from all that has changed in our world due to recent events.

There is a moment of stillness and incubation that is called for before rebirth is possible. It’s a place of silence that requires surrender.

The practice works with with both the cycles of death and rebirth and the unknown waters in the space that sits between them. This is the place from which images are born. Knowings that have been hiding in the dark for a long time can come forward when we’ve slowed down enough to finally be ready to listen.

This practice will support you on calling on these inner knowings, to deepen your relationship with the unique medicine that you have to offer this world and dream your way towards possibilities that will support you and those you love.

This group Reiki + Ritual is a recording from the online session on March 25th. The practice is 50 minutes long.

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Group Reiki energy healing sessions bring to light areas in the body that want to be seen. This energetic practice will help you tap into the body’s history of: physical injury, emotional trauma, environmental toxins, and inherited ancestral memory stored in the body. Participants will receive an energy healing that works on the cellular level, tapping into both genetic memory and lived histories since birth.


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