drop down like a stone through water


This guided Reiki healing journey + ritual practice asks the question: Who do you see yourself becoming?

You’ll be guided through an initiation to honor both your light and your dark. Work with Reiki energy and the elements to release trapped energy in the body and energy field, making more space for growth and expansion. By calling your energy home you can reclaim more of your body and your soul in order to build solid foundations within, and increase your capacity to be more present and embodied in daily life.

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In order for a seed to be planted it must first be dreamed in. When we call in what we want to expand into we begin a releasing process.

When we work with the energetics of intention and amplification…When we say Yes, I want to evolve into this…
We find what we need to transmute or release in order to make it happen.

When new light comes in, old darkness can get triggered. This is an opportunity. It can show us how to build even more solid foundations to stand upon.

When we drop our presence down like a stone through water, we access more of our core essence. Our soul frequency. The more we practice this kind of grounding the easier it is to draw in more of what we want in our lives and release or transmute (change states) anything creating blocks to possibility.

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