Fall 2021


Nature’s forces and energies affect us with each season. When we develop a relationship with the cycles of the seasons we can stabilize our lives within a deeper process.

Fall is a time for honoring the old and releasing ‘what once was’ in order to make space for something new to emerge. It is a time of transition and transformation.

Registration open for Surrender to the Mysts :: November 21 @6pm CST / 7pm EST

Individual Group Session: $30

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Surrender to the Mystery
November 21 at 6pm CST / 7pm EST

If all the lights went out, where would you find resource? Together we’ll surrender to the mysts within and turn ourselves back to the soil. We’ll see what kind of knowing comes out of allowing ourselves not to know. And we’ll conjure our fears so we can face them. After all, we can only rise after we descend.We’ll look at trauma informed concepts to heal our fears and ways to support us in surrendering. Surrendering is a really hard concept to face when we don’t feel safe. We’ll talk about ways to build safety in the nervous system when working with fears so that we can re-enter a state of flow with life and learn to love the dark.


ReWilding Community

Fall Bundle $85, Fall Bundle w/ individual session $165, Fall Bundle payment plan $43 (x 2), Fall Bundle w/ individual session payment plan $83 (x 2), November 1 $30, November 21 $30


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