Guided Healing Journey Bundle


Guided Healing Journey Bundle

These guided practices are meant to take you on a healing journey. This bundle of practices will provide Reiki healing and support from the Earth to: ground you, clear your body and field, aid you in releasing old grief and patterns no longer in your highest good and bring you home to your personal energy frequency.

This bundles includes 3 guided healing practices:

Alchemical Self-Care (for shifting energetic states + moving energy)

Attune to the Earth (for grounding + stabilizing the nervous system)

Finding Safety from Within (for coming home to the body + cultivating safe space)\

full descriptions included below

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Attune to the Earth guided practice (16 min)

This guided meditation practice was created to help ground energetic currents and balance the nervous system!

Excess energies build up within us from: fear and stress responses, triggers imprinted in the nervous system, our loved one’s energies (family, friends, children, partners and ancestral memory), our own energy building up in our homes or from those who lived there before us, the collective, social and political entanglements … the list goes on!

This offering is meant to support you in releasing the excess so that you can root into the ground. Working with the image of a tree you will attune your body to the Earth to receive guidance and nourishment and support you in stabilizing your nervous system.

Finding safety from within (15 min)

This guided healing practice will support you in bringing your energy home and calling on energetic assistance from Universal source energy from above and the Earth below. It is a clearing and grounding practice to remind the body of its internal capacities for cultivating safety and support.

Many of us have a hard time letting ourselves receive and an even harder time asking for help. But we always have access to support from energies bigger than us – as well as our own internal current of knowing and agency.

Alchemical Self-Care: a guided meditation (also sold separately) (23 min)

When we settle down into our bodies we access more of our core essence. Our soul frequency.

This guided practice will support you in being witness to your energetic currents within the body by working with Reiki energy healing and the Earth. True self-care is developing the ability to shift your own energy from within. This meditation will guide you through a process of alchemy: to meet your energy where it’s at through awareness and attention as a way to change states and find expansion.

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