Healing is an ongoing journey

your body + your energy field hold wisdom

Healing is a process. A journey back to self. It is a process of peeling back layers to release hidden information. Sometimes the only way to access something is once it leaves the place where it’s been stuck. It is through this release that you can come to the story of what wanted “healing” in the first place. This process of release brings you closer to your true alignment.

peel back to access

We do this by listening to the wisdom of the body. The wisdom of the soul. By listening to the tissue and the muscles and the subatomic particles that make up your energy field. We contain layer after layer of patterning and awarenesses within us. Of complexities and contradictions. This process of healing allows you to look in the mirror and see any masks you may be unconsciously hiding behind. Masks of physical pain, mistaken identity, old habits, and distorted stories of self. Ways of being you may not remember having chosen for yourself in the first place.

purge + release, rinse + repeat

The healing process allows you to feel and grieve and connect back to your spinal cord to find your true center. Healing is NOT something you think your way towards. We don’t need to understand in the way that our minds perceive ‘how to understand.’ You heal when you allow the body and its energy field to listen to the voices inside of you that your mind cannot comprehend.

This is how healing creates expansion from within. 

Everything becomes possible when you stop accepting less than the depth of all of your parts. The universe becomes intangibley tangible. You become conscious of your consciousness. And you’re forever changed.

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