Energy Body Meditation

Begin standing. Feel the weight of your body and your feet firmly placed on the ground.

Take a deep breath in and let it go. And again breathe in and let it go. Imagine you have a line going through the center of your torso. This pole is so strong that it can support your body. Visualize it coming up between your legs from the earth and let it continue to move up through your body along the spine and keep going out of the top of your head up to the sky. The line is dense and powerful. Allow it to connect to you. To connect in a deep way to your psyche. Your inner sense of knowing. This is the knowing that gives your inner body form and dimension.

Visualize this line as a strong light. Like a laser or a line of water flowing up from a fountain below or the stem of a plant growing up through your body. Allow your body to flow gently from this source of stability now running through you. This line. This “central channel” runs through your Chakras. Allow them to merge. This line of energy connects you always to earth and universe.

Take a moment to feel your muscles along your spine and allow this new energetic line to fuse with your physical system. Embrace it there along your spine.

Once you feel connected to this line. Like no matter where you move in the room it will go with you, you can move to a seated and cross legged position on the floor.

From here locate your navel center and sacrum. Place one hand on the front of your body just below your navel and one hand on the back on your sacrum, just between the top of your hip bones and your tailbone.

From here is where your energy body radiates, out from the physical form and into the space around you. It is like an invisible egg that surrounds you at all times. It extends past your physical form. Feel into the space that your physical form extends into. Imagine the line that you now experience moving through your central channel is giving you energy, and this energy extends out into the space around you. Allow this line to give you strength.

Uncurl what might feel contracted. Tense. Held on to too tight. Release into the floor. Like a flood of energy moving out of you. That which you no longer need. Recognize that this tension may extend past you, not just in your physical body, but in this egg that belongs to and surrounds you as well.

Your hands should still be placed on your abdomen and sacrum. Between your hands generate a gathering of energy here, a ball of heat, an orange and red light, that you can extend out into the space around you. At a cellular level this place knows the universe. It is formed from that energy source.

Feel again into the space that surrounds you as you extend this energy out past your physical form. Connect to the parts of you that are invisible. The parts that radiate out past the skin. Are you contracting in the space around you? Uncurl what might feel contracted. Tense. Held on to too tight. Release that too. Allow space in the field surrounding you for your energy to exist. Imagine you are breathing oxygen into that space. Making room for the energy particles to breath and to extend further out past you.

Notice the heat in the hand placed on your sacrum. This is your unconscious. This place knows your past and your future. Let this unconscious place come to life. Gather it. Listen to it. Make the invisible visible from this gathering of energy you have created. Return to this place again and again when you have forgotten.

When you are ready. When you have felt enough. Breathe again, open your eyes, and let it go.  

This meditation was written during an artist residency in Blanca, Murcia Spain as part of the project research for The Territory of Living. Special thanks to Nana Shineflug and her research “The Conscious Body” for inspiring me to write this meditation.