Reiki unlocked me. And now breathwork is setting me free.

Doing this work continually teaches me how to rebuild from the center, to take my power back and ultimately find freedom. Every time we’re willing to listen to ourselves, to what our bodies and souls are asking for, we expand who we are. When we alter our consciousness and stimulate our nervous system in a safe space, we have an opportunity to completely reprogram our subconscious.

A Breathwork Testimonial 

“Lindsay gently guided me through the Remote Breathwork Session as I embarked on a little healing journey. When I began the session, I was so tense my back hardly made contact with the floor. After a while I started experiencing what felt like muscle spasms in my left chest. The revelation was not only how hard the left side of my body was working to uphold the right, for which I was then recovering from a serious orthopedic injury, but how hard my heart had been working in the face of the severity.

Sometimes the best thing for the overburdened is to simply give permission to release the tension, attachments, and habits that led to the experience of pain and illness in the body- a statement easy to make but often so difficult to achieve. I reached inner conclusions of how imbalances in my life led to the outer manifestation of my injury. In synchronistic timing I witnessed my own energy re-entering my body the moment before Lindsay instructed me to open my eyes. By this time, in contrast to the beginning of the session, my body had relaxed so much it was glued down. I did not expect to achieve such insight. It helped me understand perspectives of how I’ve been handling things versus how I’d like to start handling them.

It seemed as if circumstances in all areas of life exploded in the days following the session. It may have “uncorked” something that previously left my life in a state of inertia. The most significant of these was that new and old associations began approaching me at the same time to ask me for help and guidance; the kind of help I am most effective at giving. To be able to give back has been my most rewarding experience following the session, and this phenomenon seems to be continuing and growing. I look forward to what this may bring, which so far has been a brand new level of trust and community.” – Naomi T.

Breathwork is simple and profound. 

This work will help you to release …
+ muscles and fascia holding on to trauma from physical injuries

+ Stress patterns 

+ Emotional trauma (and we’ve all experienced emotional trauma on some level: loss, fear of being seen, being let down etc)

+ A backlog of years of grief uncried tears taking up precious space in your energy field and body

It also helps you to … 
+ Get you out of your head and into your heart

+ Get clear on creative ideas, strengthen mental focus

+ Move through blocks and stuck energy (rather quickly I might add)

+ Support your nervous system

+ Find your boundaries 

+ Show you your home frequency (an empath life saver!)

+ Ground your soul/spirit/essence in your body

+ Heal your womb center from sexual trauma and support fertility

It’s a 2-stage Pranayama style Breath meditation created by David Elliott

Breathe into belly, into chest and then exhale. All done laying down. I hold space for you and help guide you through a release and opening process. 60 minute sessions include Reiki to support the work done. 

In this work I’ve found more of my capacity. As a woman, an empath, a healer, a friend, a daughter, an artist and as a partner.  

When we hold space for ourselves to witness our breath, our emotion, our fear, our physical pain, our stress patterns – alchemy happens. 

60 min // $88
45 min (after your first 60 minute session) // $68

This work is done virtually or in person.