Balancing the Dark and Light

This time of year is symbolic of the cycle of death and rebirth. Of Mother Earth. It is symbolic of the harvest. A harvest is a time of abundance. A reminder to look at abundance as a natural state of being.

Did you know pumpkins are a sign of abundance and pumpkin seeds have magical properties? 🙂

It is considered to be a highly sacred and potent time of change. A time of transformation. It continues to be a reminder that transformation is a natural and necessary part of life.

We can use this time to shift our consciousness from one of lack – a bad habit we often have: a lack of resources, a lack of things, a lack of time, a lack of wellness, a lack of energy. A reminder that earth and universe are unconditional and eternally resilient and renewable. Freeing us from our collective cycle of polarization.

That is what we do. We polarize. We bounce between ends of the spectrum. Sun and moon, mind and body, masculine and feminine, rural and urban, local and global, Earth and water, fire and air, destruction and liberation, chaos and order, individual and collective, visible and invisible, physical and metaphysical, material and immaterial, light and dark.

The energy of this time of year can be used to find the balance between our polarities.

The balance between the light and the dark as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. We are no different than the day and night. We are as light as we are dark. And we can experience and make room for the dark just as we do the light. Shadows cast light on that which must be known in order to transform. Often we have to find our way through the dark out the other side to the abundance of the harvest.

This transformation is the integration of all that we are. And a reminder that we can work with the dark instead of against it. Learning from it becomes an antidote to letting it rule us.

Sometimes we need a reminder to listen to what our shadow sides have to tell us. Sometimes our intuition can latch onto triggers and see them as reality, allowing our dark sides to feel darker and our shadow self to be more in charge. We can learn from this and balance our light with our shadow self. So that it no longer needs to hold us back but instead can be the power that drives us forward.

Somewhere down in the deepest points of our pain and vulnerability are our most powerful tools for strength and transformation. This duality is here to bring awareness to all that we are. It is within our dark that we find our depth, our capacity for light.

Truth is found in paradox.

There is truth in contradiction. Paradox in reality. Sink into the darkness and find its wisdom. As the energies of light and dark are balanced in the universe, are balanced for this season ahead, we can balance them in our own being.

Try this Meditative Activity for balancing the dark and the light, you can do this lying down or seated:

Take a moment to close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Breathing in and out. Allow it to pass through your whole body. Find a rhythm in the breath.

Visualize a bright red light spinning at the base of your spine. From your tailbone. Visualize this energy rising up through your spine. Creating a pole so strong that it supports your body. It gives you the strength from which you can balance the dark and the light. Descend into yourself. As you descend, experience fully the sense of your darkness. List these pieces of yourself in your mind or out loud on paper. Know that although you descend into the depths of darkness, you are safe. As you travel your way deep within trust that both darkness and light are part of nature’s cycle. A part of the harvest. What do these pieces have to teach you?

As you visualize this red light, let it come up between your legs from the earth and let it move up through the body along the spine and let it keep going out past the top of your head to the sky. Allow your body to flow gently from this source of stability now running through you. This line creates a connection to you from below, to the earth. Allow this connection to give vitality to your subtle energy body and your physical body to maintain life. To give you life.

Allow it to give you the qualities of stability, structure, and support at every level of your being. This energy has a force like gravity that grounds your awareness into the here and now, and anchors you to your physical body. Let it root your body to the ground and provide an invisible bond with the earth.

When the day and night become of equal length, the earth offers us a powerful vibration that occurs between the time of creative energy of night and the manifesting energy of day. Allow this flow between night and day to become seamless and fluid. It asks of us: what can we learn from our shadow when we bring it into the light and accept it? In this moment, balance becomes us. It transmutes us. Always return to the rhythm of your breathing. It has not left you. It sits with you always. Gather it. Listen to it.

Make the invisible visible from this gathering of energy you have created from your tailbone. Allow it to support you as you reflect on your shadows this season and what they have to tell you. What do you need from it and how do you want to use it? Then allow yourself to let go of the parts that are no longer serving you.

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