My practice is inspired by the Yoga Sutra.The literal meaning is “sew”. It is the thread that holds things together; a collection of ideas seen as a whole. The idea of the Sutra has a holistic focus that brings completeness to each individual as they find their connectivity to the whole. No one element in the healing process is elevated over another. Everything is connected.

I work with my clients to relcaim the body in order to create deeper connections between body, energy field and soul (don’t worry the mind comes along for the journey too!). With a trauma informed approach and training in Reiki, Breathwork, the Akashic Records and Thai Bodywork (assisted yoga and massage) I work with your body and energy field to release density and blocks both physically and emotionally, creating a grounded environment for raising the vibration of the body and field and creating access to higher levels of concsiousness to find peace, stability and wholeness. 

I help you get in tune with blockages in your body, and assist in bringing the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) into balance. I look at the body, its energy field and the soul as a whole system in order to find the root source of pain patterns. I see in many of my clients how working within the energy field creates shifts in the tissues, joints, organs (etc) just as working to release patterns in the physical body (via bodywork and breathwork) can help clear and expand the energy field. It’s a symbiotic relationship. My remote sessions also work with both the physical body and its energetic systems. 

As an interdisciplinary artist and healer I am endlessly fascinated by the intersections of multiple truths. I find there is expansion in exploring and accepting all parts of ourselves. Because truth is ever changing just as the universe is ever expanding. I believe that our response to the affects our experiences have on us evolve continuously as we peel back layer after layer of conscious understanding.